Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can you find Karlen in this dark picture?

Yes, the pictures came out a little dark. Karlen had her first Women's Glee chorus concert tonight. It was great! West Orange had bits of all the musical groups performing (band, chorus, piano, drama). Thank goodness I pushed very hard to get her out of the Parenting Class and Child Development, and into Chorus. Not that those classes aren't necessary, but just not right now. She is taking 4 honors classes, and Chorus goes along well with that. (she is in the middle, the 2nd one up from the bottom)


Lori said...

getting involved in a non-academic course shows you are well rounded and yet again one more thing that looks good on a college application

Kerry Crochets said...

Saw her right away!
Music is so important, and if she enjoys it, all the better!