Monday, September 22, 2008

Friends forever??

This is a recent picture of Karlen and her friend Cameron at 14 years old.... they have been friends since they were babies! You see, this is my best friend Roberta's son. The funny thing is, me and Roberta are STILL best friends after all these years.

Here is my tribute to my friend Roberta... We grew up together in Pine Hills, went to St. Andrews together, got caught cheating in 1st grade (not really, we were just "comparing" answers), I moved away for a few years and we ended up back at Robinswood Middle School together, graduated from Evans together in 1990, and STILL keep in touch! She lives in Valdosta, GA and I'm still here in the Orlando area. She went to college to be a paralegal, then went back for her teaching degree, so she's a teacher too! She has 3 kids and is working on restoring her marriage right now, God is at work! She has taken a 3 hour drive down here 2 times since I had surgery just to lend me a hand, do some errands, get me out of the house - what a TRUE friend!! Thank you God for putting Roberta in my life.

It's so nice to see our children growing up together also. I like to take pictures when we all get together to compare throughout the years.

Here are baby pics of Karlen and Cameron....

and here is a picture of all Roberta's kids and my Karlen!

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