Thursday, July 24, 2008

Karlen's home!!!

Karlen's flight got in last night at midnight. I didn't want to go park at the airport alone that late at night, so I was so lucky to take a ride with Jackie Wimberly. She circled the airport and I went in to see the group arrive! It was so nice to see everyone!!! Karlen was happy to see her mommy! :) By the time we got home and showered, we finally got to bed about 2AM. She's still sleeping.... Her baby Jac missed her so much!


Lori said...

glad to hear she is home.. hope she had a great time

Kelly said...

Hi Julie! Just wanted you know I stopped by your blog. Glad Karlen is home!

Brandi said...

Yeah!!! Glad she's home. . can't wait for more stories. . how about a guest blog from Karlen?

Love you,